A Proven, 9-Step Process for Successful PPC Accounts

Keyword Research

What are my customers searching for?

Targeting the right keywords is one of the most important components of launching a successful PPC account. Showing ads for the right search terms can make or break your ROI. By researching your market's keyword search volume & demand, you can not only identify which terms to target, but also learn more about your customers as a whole.

Ad Creation

What is going to by my call-to-action?

The fundamentals of ad copywriting are constant but the ever changing landscape of Google & Bing introduces a new challenge for many companies. Through enhanced segmentation, we can customize ad copy to reach any audience - improving conversion rates and ultimately increasing opportunities for new business.

Identify Best Landing Pages

Which pages are going to convert best?

Sending traffic to the correct pages on your website is key to successfully converting users into customers. Rather than directing users to the homepage like most marketing agencies do, we'll construct A/B tests, analyze analytics, and send users to the top performing pages on your site.

Account Setup

Do we use the Rifle or Shotgun approach?

Digital advertising on Google and Bing present a unique opportunity to clearly identify and segment users into different audiences. With such fragmentation, we can granularity target select users based on certain demographics and behavior, or cast a larger net and blanket and entire area. Both strategies are useful and we'll work with you to deploy the recommended tactic.

Setup Conversion Tracking

Which conversion metrics & KPIs are we measuring?

The ability to measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns is extremely important when determining where to allocate funds within your marketing plan. We'll create multiple conversion touch point to help clearly identify which actions users are taking on your website, and allocate funds towards users more likely to take the desired action.

Launch Campaigns

Let the ads run and start gathering data.

Once the account's setup and structure are approved, your campaigns will launch and ads will being generating impressions. During this time our team will closely monitor the initial performance of your account and gather as much data as we can - ultimately allowing us to quickly and effectively make any changes for improved performance moving forward.

Monitor Performance

Track metrics, identify trends, and monitor competition.

During this phase of the process we'll be monitoring the performance of your account and making changes and improvements as necessary. We'll be looking for any trends within the data as well as keep a close eye on your competition to ensure your ads are staying one step ahead.

Campaign Assessments

Analyze and optimize the account for maximum efficiency.

Now that we have data and have identified common themes or trends, it's now time to start funding the appropriate campaigns, ads, and keywords within your account. By allowing the data to influence our decision making, we improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns as marketing decisions are now based on solid data from our KPI metrics.

Analysis & Feedback

Report & provide strategic recommendations back to the client.

Our monthly reports will not only include an analysis and summary of what happened during the previous month, but they will also include feedback and recommendations for what to do next and moving forward. As a strategic partner, our goal is to provide clear insight on what to do next from a digital marketing standpoint.

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